Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lady in the Water

Ok so for those of you who love fairy tales this is the movie for you. The previews portray the movie correctly it is a bed time story but for grownups. It was funny, scary, sweet and gives you something to believe in.

I think it also had the perfect cast Paul Giamatti was truely the only person who could so perfectly play this apartment building superintendent, no wonder Shayamalan fought for him so hard. Bryce Dallas Howard was wonderful as a nymph from the water named Story only from the mind of a true story teller. The cast of crazy characters from a guild of seven sisters an extremely tall female asian student and of course Shayamalan himself as a struggling writer. He takes a larger role in this movie and personal i think he did a great job, but really how hard is it to act like yourself.

If you are going in to the theatre thinking this is going to be a Sixth Sense esq movie then you will be dissapointed. It also is not like other Shayamalan movies becuase there is no jaw dropping twist at the end or anywhere else in the movie. There is an inspiring theme of everyone is here for a reason and that fairytales really may be true. I would give it four thumbs up if you are not expecting more then what i have already suggested. If you are looking for more of a blockbuster type movie i would stick to Pirates or Superman!

If you would like more info on the movie or would like to watch the trailer here is the link for the movie!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Is it Worth My Time?

Did you ever wish you could get those two hours back? Or the exorbitant rate they charged you at the ticket window? What about that TiVo memory? This is the place you can come and see if it is worth the time to see it - before you spend a single minute (or penny!) on a movie or TV show!